Environmental Chemistry

What is Environmental Chemistry? The field that deals with the study of various chemical processes occurring in the different elements of the environment such as water, air, land, and the effects of numerous human activities on these parameters. It is basically associated with the various chemicals such as organic, biochemical, etc. existing in the environment. […]


What is Rheostat? A rheostat is an electronic instrument that is used for the purpose of controlling the electric current which is flowing through a circuit. Thus, it is basically a variable resistor that exhibits controlling action. The name for this instrument was given by an English scientist Sir Charles Wheatstone. Basics of Rheostat In […]

Electrocardiogram or ECG

Electrocardiograms, abbreviated as ECGs or EKGs is the medical test perform under the supervision of specialist in a hospital, doctor’s office, clinic or at medical test center. It is a process, that records or measure the electrical signals of the heart. The purpose of the this test is to monitor the activity of the heartbeat […]


A microcomputer is an electronic device that is designed for individual use. The processor of a microcomputer is designed with an integrated circuit on a single semiconductor chip. Today we will be learning more about the microcomputer, its application, types advantages, and disadvantage. Microcomputer: What is Micro Computer? Applications of Micro Computer History of Micro […]


Do you guys know that for a peaceful industrial relation, discipline is the key? Effective discipline is an indicator of sound human and industrial relations. Discipline requires the company’s workforce to strictly follow the rules, norms, and regulations, and behave in a certain manner. To maintain order and avoid chaos, discipline is the most important […]

Sequential Circuits

What are Sequential Circuits? Sequential circuits are a type of logic circuit whose output value depends on the latest inputs as well as on conditional previous inputs. Thus, these are given the name sequential as a series of inputs decide the output. Due to the involvement of previous inputs, memory elements are required. These memory […]

Types of Computers

The types of computers can be determined in many ways i.e. you can classify computers on various parameters. Such as on the basis of its use, on the basis of its size, on the basis of its functions, on the basis of its data handling capabilities. Types of Computers Classify by Generation Classify by Size […]

Social Stratification

What is Social Stratification? In a particular social system, there exist institutionalized inequalities with respect to power, wealth and status, amidst different groups of people belonging to different caste, classes, and sex, which is nothing but social stratification. In various societies of the world, members are classified on the basis of their superiority, inferiority, and […]

Effective Listening

Listening and Speaking are the two main tools of effective communication, that work simultaneously. A good listener is liked by everyone and has more influence on others than the speaker. Listening is a deliberate effort that is not identical to hearing. Hearing is a physical activity that involves sound entering into a person’s ears. But […]

Types of Soil

One of the natural resource arising from the Earth’s surface is the soil. These are the the part of the rocks that breaks up, though proves to be beneficial for the plant growth. The formation of soil is a slow and long process, that may take thousand of years, containing organic as wells as inorganic […]