Motherboard of Computer

The motherboard of a computer is the core of the computer. It is the printed circuit board (PCB) on which other important components that are essential for the working of the system are mounted. The motherboard provides connectivity to these components and is also responsible for providing power to them. The motherboard size varies according […]

Ecofriendly Vehicles

What are Eco-friendly Vehicles? Ecofriendly Vehicles are a type of green vehicle also referred to as environmentally friendly vehicles or clean vehicles. Ecofriendly vehicles do not produce that much harmful impacts to the environment that the vehicles with internal combustion engines produce. Basically, ecofriendly vehicles are powered by alternative fuels and are incorporated with advanced […]


What is Poverty? Poverty means the state of deprivation of well-being. It can be seen in low-income or no-income of people and their inability to meet their basic needs and acquire basic services which are necessary for the livelihood of a person and his/her family. Basic needs mean an individual’s needs relating to food, clothing, […]

Lactose Intolerance

When some people face the issue in properly digesting the milk and other dairy products, leading to unpleasant digestive symptoms is known as Lactose Intolerance. We can also say that the inability to digest lactose, which is the sugar found in dairy products including milk. It is generally caused because the shortage of lactase enzyme […]

Service Marketing Mix

What is Service Marketing Mix? We define a service marketing mix as a blend of various components of service marketing. A firm uses these components to convey its brand message, so as to promote and sell its intangible services to its customers. It accounts for 7P’s namely: Service Product Pricing Place Promotion People Process Physical […]

El Nino

What is El Nino Phenomena? El Nino is defined such a phenomenon that is associated with the warming of the tropical Pacific. This generally happens in a span of every three to seven years and the lasting duration is around 12 to 18 months. It is basically a meteorological act where the rise in temperature […]

Gluten-Free Diet

It is getting quite a common to hear about the peoples diving in to the Gluten-free diet. This is especially noticed in pro athletes, celebrities, fitness freaks that they are touting the advantages of going gluten-free. However, these diets are not suggested to everyone and one can’t opt without the experts advice including health care […]

Main Memory of Computer

The main memory of the computer holds the data on which the processor is currently working. Main memory is also referred to as the primary memory of RAM (Random Access Memory). Whenever you need to execute any program, the program and related data are copied to the main memory from which the process can access […]

Parts of Business Letter

What is a Business Letter? Business Letters are an important part of written communication. You can call it a life-breath of any business. These are exchanged with the parties like suppliers, customers, banks, insurance agencies, and government departments for different purposes. These letters can take the form of: Inquiries and Replies Quotations, Estimates, and Tender […]

Green Chemistry

What is Green Chemistry? The term green chemistry is used to describe a method that is associated with such a production process that can eliminate or lessen the impact of pollution on the environment. More specifically, it deals with ways to reduce the production of dangerous substances that are generated due to pollution. It mainly […]