Promotion Mix

What is Promotion Mix? A promotion mix refers to a combination of various marketing strategies that are created by marketers to maximise promotional efforts and reach a larger audience. The task of the marketer is to identify the ideal promotion mix for a specific brand. Marketing communication mix is another name for the promotion mix. […]

How to Check PowerShell Version in Windows 10/11

Key Takeaways The quickest way to check the version of PowerShell that you are using on Windows 10 is to open a PowerShell Window. Here you need to type a command – $PSVersionTable. The current PowerShell version will appear next to “PSVersion.” What is PowerShell? PowerShell is a task automation solution introduced by Microsoft in […]

How to Test the Safety of Strollers?

According to a report by CPSC, falls from strollers accounted for about 75% of all reported incidents. Strollers become an indispensable part of our lives when we welcome a new member. For those who do not know – Strollers are foldable and portable chairs with wheels on which babies can be carried and pushed along. […]

Lead Qualification

A study by Harvard Business Review says that companies responding to leads within an hour are seven times more likely to qualify for the lead. So, you might have an idea of how important it is for companies to automate lead qualification. Conversion of potential leads into customers and the creation of a loyal customer […]

Vector Processing in Computer Organization

Vector processing in computer organization, also known as vector computing or vectorization, is a type of parallel processing in computing where multiple data elements are processed simultaneously. In contrast to scalar processing, which operates on one data element at a time, vector processing involves performing the same operation on a set of data elements, typically […]

Phishing in Cyber Security

Phishing in cyber security is a malicious cyber-attack technique characterized by deceptive attempts to obtain sensitive information from individuals or organizations. These fraudulent activities commonly manifest as seemingly legitimate emails, messages, or websites, with the intention of tricking recipients into disclosing confidential data such as usernames, passwords, or financial details. The term “phishing” is derived […]


What Are Whitepapers? Whitepapers are authoritative reports or guides that delve deeply into a particular subject, offering detailed information, analysis, and expert opinions. Unlike promotional materials, whitepapers focus on educating readers and presenting objective facts and findings. Purpose The primary purpose of a whitepaper is to inform and educate. It addresses complex issues, explores challenges, […]

SaaS Companies

What is a SaaS Company? Software as a Service, or SaaS, is like renting software instead of buying and installing it on your computer. It’s all online, so you can access it through the internet. For example, Google Docs. You don’t buy it or install it on your computer. You just go to the website, […]

Status Page

What is a Status Page? Status pages – a tool that keeps the users posted about the real-time position, i.e. the performance or any incidents of the system. This is to maintain transparency about any outages and scheduled maintenance of your service, particularly of a website or an app. All the internet companies use this […]


What is E-Office? E-office is a digital workspace where work happens on computers instead of traditional paper. People use computers to create, share, and store documents, making work faster and more organized. With e-office, files are easily managed, collaboration is smoother, and paperwork becomes a thing of the past. It’s a modern, efficient way to […]