Information Technology

What is Information Technology? Information Technology which is abbreviated as IT in simplest form is defined as a technology that makes use of computer for collecting, processing, protecting as well as storing and transferring the collected or stored information. Today’s world seemed to be unimaginable without information and technology as computers are working as an […]

Public Relations

What is Public Relations (PR)? Initially, public relations was not a popular profession, but at present, it is a highly demanding field. It implies the voluntary effort that a firm (commercial or non-commercial) makes through information, contacts, persuasion, etc., to get favourable public opinion for its activity, move, product or service, cause, and so forth. […]

Metadata in Data Warehouse

Metadata in data warehouse is a kind of data that provides information about other data. The information that metadata provides helps us in understanding the structure, context, and nature of the data that it points to. Thus, it also helps in the easy search and retrieval of data. In short, metadata is a short explanation […]


What is Cryptography? The word cryptography is the combination of words crypto and graphy, where crypt means secretive or hidden while graphy means written stuff. So, one can define cryptography as an art of hiding the data for securing the same. This promotes the prevention of accessing the information at unauthorized level. One should note […]


What is Meta-Market? To put it simply, a meta market is a network of markets which focuses on an event or industry and not on a particular item or product. In short, it is a market of interdependent products. From the customer’s point of view, these products are closely related to each other. In practice, […]

Generations of Computers

Generations of computers notify us about the evolution of computer technology over years. The terminology ‘Generations of Computer’ not only defines the evolution of hardware technology but also the evolution of software technology along with it. As hardware and software together make up the entire computer system. Before getting into the generations of computers let […]

Power Supply System and its Types

What is Electric Power Supply System? An electric power supply system is a network that provides the generated electricity to the electrical device so that it can be utilized in the form of usable power. To whatever the device, the power supply is connected, it must drive the load of the device. In simplest terminology, […]

Phobia: Types, Symptoms, and Causes

Hydrophobia: translates to fear to water, Claustrophobia: a fear of being in confined spaces. There are numerous types of phobia’s although in general the definition of phobia is simple, that say’s ‘ insistent and irrational fear to any activity, thing or situation, that leads the person to avoid it. The word ‘Phobia‘ is Greek word […]

Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever also known as Enteric fever is an severe infection caused by the bacteria namely Salmonella typhi (S typhi). This fever is common in developing nations and a serious health threat especially to children’s. Causes Salmonella typhi or S typhi develops in contaminated water, food, and drink. If a person consumes such items that […]

Cold Blooded Vs Warm Blooded Animals

The most striking thing about the animals (including humans) is that they potential to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, on the ground of this animal kingdom has been broadly classified under two categories: Warm blooded and Cold blooded. This is also known as animals thermoregulation. On addition, the term ‘cold blooded’ should not be misunderstood, […]