Difference Between Oviparous and Viviparous Animals

Oviparous Animals Such animals that lay their eggs to give birth to their young ones are known as Oviparous animals. The later embryonic development does occur in the mother’s body. The phenomena of this process are termed Oviparity, which is generally followed by birds and fishes. Viviparous Animals Such animals in which the whole process […]

Contract of Carriage

We are aware of the fact that transport plays a crucial role in the economic development of the nation. This is because it moves the goods from one point to another, which is significant for commerce. There was a time when production and consumption of goods takes place at the same place, due to a […]

Software in Computer

Software in computer is a set of programs that when executed performs a specific task. Software plays an important role in operating the computer. Majorly the software is of two types, application software and system software. The application software is for the end users. The system software act as an interface between application software and […]


What is Biometrics? Biometrics is known to be a way of identifying and authenticating the identity of any individual using its biological characteristics at digital level. It is a quick and reliable technique that is used in security systems at personal and public level. Basically, the term biometrics is a combination of terms bio and […]

Wagering Agreement

What is a Wagering Agreement? A wagering agreement is an agreement between two parties wherein one party commits to pay a certain sum of money to another person on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a future uncertain event. Such agreements are void. This means that none of the parties can file a suit to recover […]

Internet in Networking

The Internet in networking is nothing but a network of networks. Networks of different sizes, shapes and forms are connected together to form a big network that we refer to as the Internet. It is a structured and well-organized system that allows communication between connected devices. Let us explore the Internet to know more about […]

Difference Between CNG and LPG

CNG Vs LPG LPG and CNG are the two abbreviations used for two basic types of gases that exist in nature. Mainly these two gases are different because of the constituent from which these are composed. CNG has methane as its main constituent while LPG is formed from propane and butane. We all are aware […]


Concept of Absenteeism Any employee can stay away from work if he is on official leave on valid grounds like sickness, accident, etc. But in case of absenteeism, the employee is on unauthorized leave. Absenteeism implies unofficial non-attendance from work. This means that it is a situation in which an employee is scheduled to work, […]

Types of Teeth

Teeth and their significant functions cannot be ignored while counting the other important parts of our body. Teeth’s are helpful in chewing the food stuff, speak and smile. Knowing about the teeth and their roles in not only of dental assistant interest, in fact a common man should also have the general idea about it […]

Public Expenditure

What is Public Expenditure? Public Expenditure, as the name signifies is the expenses that the government of different levels, i.e. central, state or local bodies, incurs either for its own maintenance or for meeting the common needs of the citizens or for promoting economic and social welfare. For Instance: Expenditure to run government effectively by […]