360 Degree Feedback

What is 360-degree Feedback? 360-degree Feedback or 360-degree appraisal system is a part of the performance management system. It refers to an assessment system wherein employees get ratings and feedback from numerous people they regularly interact with and work with. One must note that the feedback is not just confidential but anonymous too. ‘360’ in […]

Idle Time

What is Idle Time? Idle Time refers to that period of time in which the company’s resource, i.e. human or machine, is available as well as ready, but it is not doing anything productive. Employees do get paid for this time, but there is a stoppage in work due to various reasons which may or […]

Effective Communication

What is Effective Communication? Someone has rightly said, ” what we say may be important, but how we say it is much more important”. Effective communication is one that is capable of producing the desired outcome in the form of a response/action of the recipient of the message. It is an indicator that the message […]

Group Discussion

What is Group Discussion? The name ‘Group Discussion’ or GD itself describes that it is a discussion between candidates. In this activity, each candidate participates in a systematic fashion to share his views, facts, and opinions on a particular topic. This allows the selectors to judge the thought and thinking process and inner possession of […]

Digital Gold

What is Digital Gold? Digital Gold, as the name signifies, is the way of buying and selling yellow metal online without holding it in physical form. In short, it is an alternative to purchasing gold in physical form. It is a locker-stored, 24-carat pure gold which the investors can access through digital channels. Many licensed […]

Public Relations

What is Public Relations (PR)? Initially, public relations was not a popular profession, but at present, it is a highly demanding field. It implies the voluntary effort that a firm (commercial or non-commercial) makes through information, contacts, persuasion, etc., to get favourable public opinion for its activity, move, product or service, cause, and so forth. […]


What is Meta-Market? To put it simply, a meta market is a network of markets which focuses on an event or industry and not on a particular item or product. In short, it is a market of interdependent products. From the customer’s point of view, these products are closely related to each other. In practice, […]

Characteristics of Services

A service is a deed, performance, activity, or effort. The person who provides the services is called the service provider and the person availing the services is called the client or customer. Characteristics of Services We often go to parlors, hotels, coachings, and service centers of automobile companies to avail of services. And there are […]

Contract of Carriage

We are aware of the fact that transport plays a crucial role in the economic development of the nation. This is because it moves the goods from one point to another, which is significant for commerce. There was a time when production and consumption of goods takes place at the same place, due to a […]

Wagering Agreement

What is a Wagering Agreement? A wagering agreement is an agreement between two parties wherein one party commits to pay a certain sum of money to another person on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a future uncertain event. Such agreements are void. This means that none of the parties can file a suit to recover […]