Fiscal Deficit

What is Fiscal Deficit? Fiscal Deficit is the gap between the total revenue and expenditure of the government, in a financial year. In short, when the government expenditure exceeds government revenue, it is a fiscal deficit. This reflects the borrowing requirement of the government. It is an integral part of fiscal policy and thus is […]

Financial Management

What is Financial Management? An essential component of general management is financial management. It is focused on the responsibilities of the business firm’s financial managers. Effective money management in the firm is the major focus of financial management. Financial management as it is used by commercial organisations is also known as company finance or corporation […]

Debit Card

What is a Debit Card? A debit card is a banking product. It is a thin plastic card with an embedded chip. It refers to a card used for making payments, withdrawing or transferring from the customer’s bank account. Alternatively, they are called bank cards. In general, customers use this card when they buy goods […]

Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning? Financial Planning implies the process of identifying the objectives, policies, and procedures to deal with the activities related to the finance of the enterprise. In short, it is all about the procurement of funds in an economical manner and its profitable use. No matter what the size of the organization is, […]


What is Telebanking? Telebanking expands to Telephone Banking. It is basically an automated facility, in which the customer can access account information and also perform various routine transactions using a keypad or touch-tone telephone without actually going to the bank branch or ATM, or accessing a mobile application/website. It is the first technology-based banking service […]


What is Forfaiting? Forfaiting is a kind of international trade finance wherein export bills receivables are discounted, with which the exporters can get instant cash by selling their receivables. ‘Forfait’ is a French word which refers to ‘relinquishing a right’. Therefore, in financing, ‘forfaiting’ implies giving up of the right to receivables, which are due […]