Job Evaluation

What is Job Evaluation? Job Evaluation refers to the process of determining the comparative worth of each job in the firm. This process aims to assess the value of each job against another job to set right the pay scale of each job. It offers important insights for grading jobs in the firm systematically and […]

360 Degree Feedback

What is 360-degree Feedback? 360-degree Feedback or 360-degree appraisal system is a part of the performance management system. It refers to an assessment system wherein employees get ratings and feedback from numerous people they regularly interact with and work with. One must note that the feedback is not just confidential but anonymous too. ‘360’ in […]

Group Discussion

What is Group Discussion? The name ‘Group Discussion’ or GD itself describes that it is a discussion between candidates. In this activity, each candidate participates in a systematic fashion to share his views, facts, and opinions on a particular topic. This allows the selectors to judge the thought and thinking process and inner possession of […]


Concept of Absenteeism Any employee can stay away from work if he is on official leave on valid grounds like sickness, accident, etc. But in case of absenteeism, the employee is on unauthorized leave. Absenteeism implies unofficial non-attendance from work. This means that it is a situation in which an employee is scheduled to work, […]

Employee Orientation

What is Employee Orientation? In a company’s recruitment process, employee orientation plays a significant role. This is because the new joiners get to know about the company with this programme. Hence, the planning and execution of the orientation programme should be in such a manner that provides complete information about various aspects of the company. […]

Employee Grievance

What is Employee Grievance? Employee Grievance is a condition of unhappiness concerning some issues, with regard to employment. In other words, when an employee faces any sort of disappointment or feeling of injustice, related to the employment, it amounts to the grievance. It can be expressed or implied, real or hypothetical. Anything related to the […]


Do you guys know that for a peaceful industrial relation, discipline is the key? Effective discipline is an indicator of sound human and industrial relations. Discipline requires the company’s workforce to strictly follow the rules, norms, and regulations, and behave in a certain manner. To maintain order and avoid chaos, discipline is the most important […]

Human Resource Accounting (HRA)

What is Human Resource Accounting? Human Resource Accounting can be defined as the process of identifying, quantifying, and reporting the overall cost incurred in the recruitment, induction, training, and development of the human resources i.e. employees and their economic value to the organization at present. It is also termed Human Capital Accounting. Simply put, Human […]

Human Resource Audit

What is Human Resource Audit? Human Resource Audit can be understood as a methodical, formal, and periodical review exercise, related to the assessment of the human resource management functions, which determines what should or should not be done, to make certain the effectiveness of Human Resource Management in the organization. It tends to observe and […]

Executive Development

What is Executive Development? Executive Development, or otherwise called Management Development is a scientific process concerned with learning and growth, whereby executive personnel acquire and apply knowledge, competencies, skills, attitude and insights, so as to effectively and efficiently manage the work in the organization. It comprises a range of activities to improve the overall behaviour […]