Job Shadowing

What is Job Shadowing? Job Shadowing implies deep observation of an employee at work interested in the same career. It is a form of on-the-job training, in which a new employee follows and minutely observes another employee who is skilled and professional, while he performs the role. It is a technique to see the tasks […]


What is Staffing? Staffing is the process of recruiting individuals after evaluating their skills and expertise and assigning them to certain job responsibilities in accordance. One of the most important management functions is staffing. It includes the process of filling the open position with the appropriate persons at the appropriate job, at the appropriate time. […]

Job Satisfaction

What is Job Satisfaction? The level of a person’s job satisfaction reflects how much they enjoy their work. For some people, work is enjoyable and an important aspect of life. Others simply go to work because they have no choice but to. In the fields of organisational behaviour and industrial-organizational psychology, this job attitude has […]

Job Design

What is Job Design? Job design is the next step after job analysis and entails deliberate attempts to group tasks, responsibilities, and duties into a work unit that supports organisational goals. It has to do with setting up the job’s components so that everyone in the group can participate and complete the same task. In […]


What is Induction? Induction is the process of introducing new employees to the organisation and its members. In this, a new hire is formally welcomed into the company at induction. In other terms, it is a well-planned event to introduce a new hire to the people and working environment of a specific organisation. Every organisation […]


What is Perception? Perception means our capability to see, hear and observe something using our senses. It implies giving meaning to our surroundings. It is the process of seeing, observing, choosing, getting, interpreting and adding meaning to the environment. Further, it is influenced by our beliefs, goals and external stimuli. It is experienced by way […]

Balanced Scorecard

What is Balanced Scorecard? Balanced Scorecard implies a strategic management tool that helps identify and level up the internal functions and their external outcomes. It is a tool of management that converts the organizational goals into a number of objectives. These objectives are gauged, analysed and changed whenever required to ensure that the organisation reaches […]

Job Evaluation

What is Job Evaluation? Job Evaluation refers to the process of determining the comparative worth of each job in the firm. This process aims to assess the value of each job against another job to set right the pay scale of each job. It offers important insights for grading jobs in the firm systematically and […]

360 Degree Feedback

What is 360-degree Feedback? 360-degree Feedback or 360-degree appraisal system is a part of the performance management system. It refers to an assessment system wherein employees get ratings and feedback from numerous people they regularly interact with and work with. One must note that the feedback is not just confidential but anonymous too. ‘360’ in […]

Group Discussion

What is Group Discussion? The name ‘Group Discussion’ or GD itself describes that it is a discussion between candidates. In this activity, each candidate participates in a systematic fashion to share his views, facts, and opinions on a particular topic. This allows the selectors to judge the thought and thinking process and inner possession of […]