Depression is the most common mood disorder which people suffer from. It is referred to as a feeling of loss, guilt, hopelessness, sadness, and having suicidal thoughts. Why do people suffer from Depression? People hesitant to consult a doctor or psychologist. It is easier to say that “my head is aching or not feeling well” […]

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)

What is Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)? Strategic Human Resource Management, abbreviated as SHRM is all about linking the issues of human resource management to the organization’s overall strategies, in order to incorporate those policies in the company’s strategies, as well as to reinforce or change the culture of the organization. This involves the incorporation […]

Wage and Salary Administration

What is Wage and Salary Administration? Wage and Salary Administration implies setting up and enacting sound policies and practices concerning employee compensation. It aims at defining and maintaining a just and fair wage and salary structure. It amounts to one of the primary components of the cost of production, which considerably influences the growth and […]

Quality of Work Life

What is Quality of Work Life (QWL)? Quality of Work Life or QWL connotes the degree to which the work life of an individual adds to the material as well as psychological well-being. It has a great impact on the employee’s productivity. Simply put, it is the overall quality of the work environment at an […]

Participative Management

What is Participative Management? Participative Management refers to the technique of inviting members of the organization to take an active part in the organization-wide decision-making process. Organizations that value the relevance of human intellect and strive to develop a good relationship with their personnel follow this approach. That is why it is Participative Decision Making, […]