What is Formalization? Formalization refers to the degree to which the job and incumbent’s role are standardized through formal documentation by way of procedures, job descriptions, policies, manuals, rules and other similar mechanisms. It represents the degree to which an organization standardizes the thoughts and behaviour of employees. And thus constrain their choices and freedom […]

Levels of Management

What are Levels of Management? Levels of Management implies the various series of managers that can be found in or present at different levels of the organization from top to bottom, as per their authority and responsibility. The word ‘management’ does not connote a single person rather it implies a group thereof. In an organization, […]

Group Cohesiveness

What is Group Cohesiveness? Group Cohesiveness can be defined as the degree and strength of attachment (togetherness) between the members of the group. It is one of the important factors which influences group behaviour. The higher the group cohesiveness, the greater will be the interaction and degree of agreement (on various matters) between the group […]