Job Design

What is Job Design? Job design is the next step after job analysis and entails deliberate attempts to group tasks, responsibilities, and duties into a work unit that supports organisational goals. It has to do with setting up the job’s components so that everyone in the group can participate and complete the same task. In […]

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Marketing that makes use of electronic devices for communicating promotional messages to the target audience. In other words, marketing done digitally, is what we call digital marketing. For this purpose, it makes use of digital channels like websites, social media platforms, mobile devices, search engines and various other channels. Simply put, […]


What is Induction? Induction is the process of introducing new employees to the organisation and its members. In this, a new hire is formally welcomed into the company at induction. In other terms, it is a well-planned event to introduce a new hire to the people and working environment of a specific organisation. Every organisation […]

Debit Card

What is a Debit Card? A debit card is a banking product. It is a thin plastic card with an embedded chip. It refers to a card used for making payments, withdrawing or transferring from the customer’s bank account. Alternatively, they are called bank cards. In general, customers use this card when they buy goods […]


What is Attitude? Attitude is the psychological attribute of a person which defines a person’s behaviour. It refers to a person’s constant and firm tendency to feel and behave in a certain way towards any person, situation, idea, event or object. It has a huge impact on the perception of the person, which ultimately influences […]

Body Language

What is Body Language? Any communication involving the use of body movements is called body language. Here message transmission takes place through non-verbal acts. Do you know our body language conveys messages silently? These messages are more powerful than spoken words and language. The messages can be about personal feelings, attitudes, emotions, thoughts and many […]


What is Seminar? A seminar is a form of lecture in which a topic is discussed and presented by one by or more speakers after a specialised study with numerous interested and learned listeners. The word ‘seminar’ originated from the Latin term ‘seminarium’ which refers to seed plot. It is a formal academic forum which […]


What is Perception? Perception means our capability to see, hear and observe something using our senses. It implies giving meaning to our surroundings. It is the process of seeing, observing, choosing, getting, interpreting and adding meaning to the environment. Further, it is influenced by our beliefs, goals and external stimuli. It is experienced by way […]


What is Motivation? The reason for doing something is what we call motive. These are the energizing forces that exist within us. The term ‘motivation’ is a combination of two words i.e. motive and action. Motivation implies the process of impelling subordinates to act in a certain manner so as to achieve the desired goal. […]

Mixed Economy

What is a Mixed Economy? A form of an economic system which comprises the best features of both capitalist and socialist economies is a mixed economy. While capitalism is the free enterprise economy, socialism is the state-owned economy. In a mixed economy, both public and private sectors exist side by side and work jointly for […]