Phobia: Types, Symptoms, and Causes

Hydrophobia: translates to fear to water, Claustrophobia: a fear of being in confined spaces. There are numerous types of phobia’s although in general the definition of phobia is simple, that say’s ‘ insistent and irrational fear to any activity, thing or situation, that leads the person to avoid it. The word ‘Phobia‘ is Greek word […]

Types of Diagrams

In general, the statistical data is presented in two forms viz statements and tables. However, there is one more method that represents data i.e. Diagrams. These are attractive way of presenting relevant data and helps people to understand the data quickly. There are a number of diagrams that represent statistical data. Various types of diagrams […]


What is Fatigue? Fatigue refers to a personal health condition of an employee in which the output of the activity performed decreases as a result of previous activity. It is directly proportional to the poorness of the output, which means, as the level of fatigue increases, poorness of output also tends to increase. It can […]

Social Stratification

What is Social Stratification? In a particular social system, there exist institutionalized inequalities with respect to power, wealth and status, amidst different groups of people belonging to different caste, classes, and sex, which is nothing but social stratification. In various societies of the world, members are classified on the basis of their superiority, inferiority, and […]

Classification of Data

What is Classification of Data? Classification of data refers to the process of organizing the data in hand into identical groups, categories, sub-groups and sub-categories, as per their common properties or resemblance. It takes place after the editing of data. In simple words, when raw data is arranged into various classes it is termed classification. […]


What is a Questionnaire? A questionnaire refers to a document that enlists various questions related to a specific subject at hand. It is a method of collecting information in which the investigator drafts a questionnaire, whose answers he/she is looking for, from the respondents. These are mainly used when the area of study is wide […]


What is Personality? In common terminology, personality implies the way people influence others with their outer appearance. But the outer appearance of a person does not refer to the whole personality. Hence, it can be defined as the aggregate of a person’s psycho-physical system, which regulates his behaviour in a particular social setting. It varies […]


What is Tabulation? Tabulation is a way of summarizing and presenting data in an organized manner, in rows and columns based on certain characteristics. In simple words, it is the tabular presentation of data. It helps in making comparison between various entities and also assists in further statistical analysis and interpretation. It is a rational […]


What are Prepositions? Prepositions are referred to as the words that are generally used to define the relationship between two things thus, is considered as connecting word. The word preposition when divided is known to be a combination of the word pre and position that means placing before. Basically, the prepositions are placed before nouns, […]

Mass Communication

What is Mass Communication? Mass communication refers to the process of passing on information, thoughts, opinions, news, message, etc. on a large scale, i.e. to a large scattered population using mass media, such as broadcast media, digital media, social media, internet, print media, etc. Typically, the transmission of a message to a vast population at […]