How to Test the Safety of Strollers?

According to a report by CPSC, falls from strollers accounted for about 75% of all reported incidents. Strollers become an indispensable part of our lives when we welcome a new member. For those who do not know – Strollers are foldable and portable chairs with wheels on which babies can be carried and pushed along. […]

Technological Fasting

In today’s fast-paced digital era, where screens dominate our daily lives, the concept of technological fasting is gaining momentum. Technological fasting, akin to traditional fasting, involves taking intentional breaks from our digital devices to foster a healthier relationship with technology. This practice is not about rejecting technology but rather about creating a balance and reconnecting […]

Guitar Strumming

What is Guitar Strumming? Guitarists use rhythmic strokes or sweeps to strike their guitar strings, this is called guitar strumming. There is a range of strumming patterns. It affects the song’s rhythm and defines a number of music genres. The 4-Beat Downstrokes Strumming downward feels more natural when you start playing guitar for the first […]


What is Theatre? The Greek word ‘theatron’, which means a “place for looking,” is the source of the English word “theatre.”. Simply speaking, Theatre is a kind of art where actors tell stories to spectators under the following circumstances: Both the actors and the viewers are aware of their pretensions as the fictional characters in […]


What is Summarizing? The technique of summarising involves presenting facts in a simplified form and demonstrating your understanding of the primary idea of the author. It serves as an example of how you may discuss the writer’s viewpoint without really using his or her words. It also gives you the opportunity to include a small […]


What is Paraphrasing? A paraphrase is a rephrasing of an author’s text, explanation, argument, or story, often known as an indirect quotation. Using your own words to express what you have read or heard from research materials is paraphrasing. Despite the fact that you are restating the author’s thoughts in your own words, you still […]

Phobia: Types, Symptoms, and Causes

Hydrophobia: translates to fear to water, Claustrophobia: a fear of being in confined spaces. There are numerous types of phobia’s although in general the definition of phobia is simple, that say’s ‘ insistent and irrational fear to any activity, thing or situation, that leads the person to avoid it. The word ‘Phobia‘ is Greek word […]

Types of Diagrams

In general, the statistical data is presented in two forms viz statements and tables. However, there is one more method that represents data i.e. Diagrams. These are attractive way of presenting relevant data and helps people to understand the data quickly. There are a number of diagrams that represent statistical data. Various types of diagrams […]


What is Fatigue? Fatigue refers to a personal health condition of an employee in which the output of the activity performed decreases as a result of previous activity. It is directly proportional to the poorness of the output, which means, as the level of fatigue increases, poorness of output also tends to increase. It can […]

Social Stratification

What is Social Stratification? In a particular social system, there exist institutionalized inequalities with respect to power, wealth and status, amidst different groups of people belonging to different caste, classes, and sex, which is nothing but social stratification. In various societies of the world, members are classified on the basis of their superiority, inferiority, and […]