What is Tabulation? Tabulation is a way of summarizing and presenting data in an organized manner, in rows and columns based on certain characteristics. In simple words, it is the tabular presentation of data. It helps in making comparison between various entities and also assists in further statistical analysis and interpretation. It is a rational […]


What are Prepositions? Prepositions are referred to as the words that are generally used to define the relationship between two things thus, is considered as connecting word. The word preposition when divided is known to be a combination of the word pre and position that means placing before. Basically, the prepositions are placed before nouns, […]

Mass Communication

What is Mass Communication? Mass communication refers to the process of passing on information, thoughts, opinions, news, message, etc. on a large scale, i.e. to a large scattered population using mass media, such as broadcast media, digital media, social media, internet, print media, etc. Typically, the transmission of a message to a vast population at […]

Adjectives and its Types

What are Adjectives? Adjectives are parts of speech, defined as the words that are used for describing nouns or pronouns. These are sometimes called sense words that are simply related to parameters like type, size, smell, color, behavior, quantity, etc. Adjectives are said to be used as modifications to nouns or pronouns by the use […]

Pronoun and its Types

What is Pronoun? The words that are used as replacements of nouns or noun phrases are known as Pronouns. They in general act as nouns. Just like nouns, pronouns are also part of speech and are used to avoid unnecessary repetition of nouns in any sentence. There is a rule regarding replacement of noun from […]

Noun and its Types

What is Noun? A noun is defined as the name for any place, person or object. It is derived from a Latin word ‘nomen’ that corresponds to ‘a name’. It is known to be one of the most important parts of speech. For a sentence necessarily 2 words are required, one is Noun and the […]


Depression is the most common mood disorder which people suffer from. It is referred to as a feeling of loss, guilt, hopelessness, sadness, and having suicidal thoughts. Why do people suffer from Depression? People hesitant to consult a doctor or psychologist. It is easier to say that “my head is aching or not feeling well” […]

Aversive Conditioning

 What is Aversive Conditioning? Aversive Conditioning, popularly known as Aversion Therapy, is one that helps an individual to forgo a certain behaviour or habit by making use of something undesirable or a punishment (repellant) to stop the inappropriate urge or behaviour. Its purpose is to condition the mind of the patient to combine the discomfort […]