Zener Diode

What is a Zener Diode? Zener Diode sometimes also known as breakdown diode is a pn junction diode with quite a high doping level especially formulated to operate in reverse biased condition. These are known as special type of semiconductor devices that allows flow of current in both the directions i.e., forward and reverse. Before […]

Channel Assignment Strategies

What are Channel Allocation Strategies? Channel Allocation is a method of assigning the existing channels to the various cells within the cellular system. Channel assignment is mainly done to manage the traffic demands of the cell. Concept of Channel Assignment We are aware of the basic idea involved in mobile communication that a radio signal […]

Power Supply System and its Types

What is Electric Power Supply System? An electric power supply system is a network that provides the generated electricity to the electrical device so that it can be utilized in the form of usable power. To whatever the device, the power supply is connected, it must drive the load of the device. In simplest terminology, […]

Electric Vehicle Technology

Electric vehicle technology basically uses electricity for the functioning of the vehicle. Due to increasing pollution, and global warming issues many countries are promoting automobile manufacturers to go for Electric Vehicles. Govt. is also giving incentives and support to EV manufacturers. A typical/Regular passenger vehicle emits something around 4 to 5 metric tons of carbon […]

Sequential Circuits

What are Sequential Circuits? Sequential circuits are a type of logic circuit whose output value depends on the latest inputs as well as on conditional previous inputs. Thus, these are given the name sequential as a series of inputs decide the output. Due to the involvement of previous inputs, memory elements are required. These memory […]


What is Electronics? Electronics is known to be the branch of engineering that deals with the study of nature exhibited by electrons under the action of the applied electric field. Electronics is the derivation of electron mechanics. More simply, we can say electronics is the combination of physics, engineering, technology, and applications dealing with the […]

Digital Electronics

What is Digital Electronics? A field of electronics that deals with the study of digital signals as well as the devices using which digital signals are generated is referred to as Digital Electronics. One of the crucial components of digital electronics circuits is logic gates. Digital electronics is originated from the word digitization, which corresponds […]

Number System

What is Number System? In digital electronics, a number system or system of numeration, allows the information or values to be represented in the form of digits. Basically, the number system helps in representing the data within a digital computer. In order to understand any number system, base or radix is very much important as […]

Photovoltaic System and Its Components

The photovoltaic system, which is also referred to as  PV system or solar power system is a system that converts incident solar energy/ sunlight into usable electric power. In our today’s content, we will talk about the photovoltaic system and its components. Introduction Increasing global warming concerns and energy security issues have made solar energy […]

Secondary Emission

What is Secondary Emission? The phenomena of emission of electrons from the surface of solid metallic material by the action of a stream of charged particles are the secondary emission or secondary electron emission. Caesium oxide is an excellent target material that holds the ability to release ten times more current of secondary emission than […]