What is Solid State Drive?

A Solid State Drive (SSD) is a modern storage device. The storage is non-volatile in nature thus it retains data even if the power is off. As the name suggests solid state drive, the drive does not contain any moving mechanical parts like HDD. SSD makes use of flash memory and is capable of accessing […]

Motherboard of Computer

The motherboard of a computer is the core of the computer. It is the printed circuit board (PCB) on which other important components that are essential for the working of the system are mounted. The motherboard provides connectivity to these components and is also responsible for providing power to them. The motherboard size varies according […]

Registers in Computer

Registers in computer are the fast storage devices present in the processor. However, it is a small storage device that can hold only one word of data. The one-word data is a standard data unit. In most the computer it is an 8-bit word i.e., a byte. A processor does not contain only one register […]

Structure and Function of Computer

The structure and function of the computer depict how the components of the computer are assembled, how they are interrelated to each other and what operations these components perform. Being a complex system, the computer contains millions of electronic components. To understand the structure and function better we organize these electronic elements in a hierarchical […]


A microcomputer is an electronic device that is designed for individual use. The processor of a microcomputer is designed with an integrated circuit on a single semiconductor chip. Today we will be learning more about the microcomputer, its application, types advantages, and disadvantage. Microcomputer: What is Micro Computer? Applications of Micro Computer History of Micro […]

Types of Computers

The types of computers can be determined in many ways i.e. you can classify computers on various parameters. Such as on the basis of its use, on the basis of its size, on the basis of its functions, on the basis of its data handling capabilities. Types of Computers Classify by Generation Classify by Size […]

Types of Printers

A printer is an output device that is attached to the computer. The printer takes the input in the form of text and graphics and transfers this information onto the paper. In this way, it transfers the digital information into a hard copy. There are different types of printers available in the market. Printers accept […]

Input Devices

Input devices are the hardware parts of the computer that is used to provide input to the processing unit. Input can be either the data or the control signal that is required for the execution of the particular process. Evolution of Input Devices Input devices have evolved over years, earlier the input devices used to […]

Parallel Computer

A parallel computer is a kind of computer structure where a large complex problem is broken into multiple small problems which are then executed simultaneously by several processors. We often consider this as parallel processing. When it comes to the structure of parallel computers it can be characterized with the help of features such as […]

Security Attacks

Security attacks are an illegitimate effort to evade and violate the system’s security in order to monitor, alter, damage the data that is being exchanged between two systems. The security attack creates a threat to the confidentiality, availability, authentication of the transmitted data. Nowadays the companies allow their employees to access the company’s data from […]