Microprogrammed Control Unit

Microprogrammed control unit is used to design the CISC style processor. In this context, we will be discussing the microprogrammed control unit, its block diagram along with its advantages and disadvantages. What is Microprogrammed Control Unit? Basically, the control unit is a component in the processor that generates the control signals that are essential to […]

Interrupts in Computer

What are Interrupts in Computer? Interrupts in the computer are the signals generated either by hardware or by software and are sent to the processor, informing it that an event needs its instant attention. It causes the processor to stop whatever it is doing and service the interrupt. We know that a processor can serve […]

Functional Units of Computer

Every functional system incorporates some functional parts that constitute a consumable product. Similarly, there are some functional units of the computer that constitute in producing logical outputs. The five basic functional units of a computer are: Input unit, Aprocessing unit (Arithmetic and logic) Amemory to store final or intermediate results A controlling unit that coordinates […]