Diversity Reception and its Types

Diversity and its Types Diversity Reception is generally known as a method or way of combining multiple copies of the same message signal that is received by the receiver from different channels. Basically, this is done to lessen or eliminate the effect of fading. In wireless communication technology, diversity reception improves the reception of radio […]

What is a Computer Server?

A computer server is a different type of computer that provide services to other client computers connected in the network. It differs from other computers in the terms of service, storage, efficiency, configuration, size, etc. There are a variety of servers that provide different types of services. Like a web server, that provides services to […]

Firewall in Computer

A firewall in computer is a network security device that protects your device from the external network. Let us understand this with the help of a real-life example. You might have seen that before anyone check-in to the airport they are thoroughly checked to ensure that they do not carry anything that is prohibited at […]

Computer Network

Computer Network is a large number of individual interconnected computers that serve organizations’ computational needs. In the earlier days, computer systems were highly centralized. There used to be one large computer system in a single large room of the organization. This room used to have glass walls that would allow visitors to gaze at this […]

Internet in Networking

The Internet in networking is nothing but a network of networks. Networks of different sizes, shapes and forms are connected together to form a big network that we refer to as the Internet. It is a structured and well-organized system that allows communication between connected devices. Let us explore the Internet to know more about […]

Routers and its Types

Routers are the devices that are essential in networking. They play a vital role in directing the best path to the packet to reach the final destination. The router is a three-layer device. Routers in Computer Network What is Router? Working of Router Types of Routers Advantages and Disadvantages What is Router? A router is […]

Modem and its Types

The modem and its types are the networking device that is essential in connecting your computer to the internet. The modem is responsible for modulating and demodulating the signal between your telephone line and your computer. Thus, the modem is a short form of modulation and demodulation. The telephone network transmits data using analog signals. […]

Analog and Digital

Analog and digital are the terms that we often referred with data and signals. In today’s discussion we will be talking about both analog and digital data, and analog and digital signals. If we say that there is a sender who has some data to be transmitted to the receiver. But the data that is […]

Geostationary Satellite

A geostationary satellite is one of the communication satellites that creates the communication channel between the sender and receiver present at different locations on the earth. This satellite appears stationary as if it is fixed in the sky. Geostationary Satellite Definition A geostationary satellite is a satellite that appears stationary when we observe them from […]

Flow Control in Data Link Layer

Flow control in the data link layer is a technique that controls the rate of data transmission between the sender and receiver. If the sender is on a fast and powerful computer as compared to the receiver then the receiver may get overwhelmed by the frames transmitted by the sender. In such a scenario even […]