Synchronization Problems

In this article, we will learn about all the synchronization problems that must be tested against every proposed synchronization technique. Synchronization problem arises when the execution of cooperating is not coordinated properly which may affect the result of execution. Synchronization Problems Producer-Consumer Problem Readers Writers Problem Dining Philosophers Producer-Consumer Problem The producer-consumer problem is where […]

Types of System Calls

The system calls is a mechanism that allows the user program to invoke the kernel that let the user program to interact with the operating system. The number of system calls depends upon the kind of operating system you are using. In this section further, we will be discussing the type of system calls that […]

Thread in Operating System

A particular program may have multiple processes and each process has its separate address space as well as a single thread of control. Sometimes a process may have multiple threads in its address space. Now, a thread in the operating system can be determined as a fundamental unit of CPU utilization. In our today content, […]

Interprocess Communication

Interprocess communication is communication between two concurrently executing processes. But, the concurrently executing processes in the system can be of two types of independent processes and cooperating processes. Independent process is one which neither affects nor gets affected by other processes in the system. The cooperating¬†process is a process that affects other processes or can […]

Process Scheduling

Process scheduling organizes the processes to maximize CPU utilization. Process scheduling supports multiprogramming. Multiple processes are loaded to the main memory of the CPU and the processes are switched so frequently such that CPU is busy executing one process at a time while the other is in waiting state. Process scheduling helps in determining which […]

Process in Operating System

We all are aware of the computer and the operating system. All the CPU activities that are going on are termed as a process in an operating system. Well, there are several definitions of the term ‘process’ in the operating system. Like, some call process as a program or an instance of a program that […]