Algorithm in Computers

An algorithm in computers can be defined as step by step procedure that helps in solving simple and complex computational problems. We can also refer algorithm as a method used by the computer to determine the solution of a problem. And this algorithm behavior makes it different from the terms like process, technique, or method. […]

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

Can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence? The question is spreading like wildfire after the entry of ChatGPT and is being discussed in the news, social media, internet, leaving no one behind. So, are humans and machines really in some sort of competition with each other? Well, the developers always claim AI is an approach that […]

Uses of Python: A Guide for Beginners

The uses of Python language has rapidly increased in recent years. The reason is it’s used in popularly emerging fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Web development, Software Development, etc. In this particular content, we will take a closer look at the uses of Python. We will discuss how Python is being used in […]

Visual Effects (VFX) : Everything You Need To Know  

VFX which is the short form for Visual effects, we also take it as Visual FX. The imaginary world, unbelievable stunts, giant creatures that don’t exist, and all that we see in movies, video games, or commercials are made possible with the help of VFX. VFX goes beyond your expectations and makes the impossible possible. […]

Containerization in Cloud Computing

Containerization in cloud computing is a technique that packages the application’s code with all the required files and libraries to generate a lightweight executable that we refer to as a container. The container (or containerization) allows the application to run consistently on any infrastructure. This makes containers more portable and resource-efficient than virtual machines. Thus, […]

Impact of AI and Automation on Future of IT Staffing

AI and automation have significantly impacted the future of IT staffing. The evolution of these technologies has changed how IT professionals are hired, managed and deployed. In this article, we will review and explore AI and automation’s impact on staffing and recruiting in the IT industry. Before exploring the impact of AI and automation on […]

Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence   

Deep learning, it is a subset of machine learning which is further a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It focuses on creating a large artificial neural network that are capable of making accurate data-driven decisions. Before getting into the details we must have a basic understanding of machine learning. What is Machine Learning? In machine learning […]

Soft Computing in Machine learning

Soft computing in machine learning is a multi-disciplinary field proposed by Dr. Lotfi Zadeh in 1981. This multidisciplinary field evolve to construct a new generation that we namely know as Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Zadeh define soft computing as the fusion of fields like: Fuzzy logic Neuro Computing Evolutionary and Genetic Computing Genetic Computing Probabilistic Computing […]

Microprocessor Vs Microcontroller

Microprocessor and microcontroller are two different kinds of processors designed for different systems. A microprocessor is specially designed to fit into the computer systems. However, if we talk about the microcontroller, it is specially designed to fit into the embedded systems. Microprocessors only have the processor circuity on a single chip. On the other hand, […]

Network Security Services

Network security services ensure adequate security systems connected in the and it ensures a secure data transfer. It is X.800, a security architecture for Open Systems Interconnection that defines these security services. We can also define security services as a processing or communication service provided by the system that offers a specific kind of protection […]