What is An Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software is a program that identifies a virus in your system, if possible, it repairs the damaged files and it also eliminates that virus from your system. There are a variety of antiviruses available that provide security to your system. Once you install the antivirus on your system it runs in the background of […]

Firewall in Computer

A firewall in computer is a network security device that protects your device from the external network. Let us understand this with the help of a real-life example. You might have seen that before anyone check-in to the airport they are thoroughly checked to ensure that they do not carry anything that is prohibited at […]

Computer Network

Computer Network is a large number of individual interconnected computers that serve organizations’ computational needs. In the earlier days, computer systems were highly centralized. There used to be one large computer system in a single large room of the organization. This room used to have glass walls that would allow visitors to gaze at this […]

Information Technology

What is Information Technology? Information Technology which is abbreviated as IT in simplest form is defined as a technology that makes use of computers for collecting, processing, protecting as well as storing and transferring the collected or stored information. Today’s world seemed to be unimaginable without information and technology as computers are working as an […]

Software in Computer

Software in computer is a set of programs that when executed performs a specific task. Software plays an important role in operating the computer. Majorly the software is of two types, application software and system software. The application software is for the end users. The system software act as an interface between application software and […]

Internet in Networking

The Internet in networking is nothing but a network of networks. Networks of different sizes, shapes and forms are connected together to form a big network that we refer to as the Internet. It is a structured and well-organized system that allows communication between connected devices. Let us explore the Internet to know more about […]

Booting in Operating System

Booting in operating system is a process that initiates the starting of a computer. It executes a set of instructions that is present in the ROM (BIOS). These instructions perform a power self-test that identifies if all the hardware of the system is perfectly fine, and along with this, it loads the operating system in […]

Motherboard of Computer

The motherboard of a computer is the core of the computer. It is the printed circuit board (PCB) on which other important components that are essential for the working of the system are mounted. The motherboard provides connectivity to these components and is also responsible for providing power to them. The motherboard size varies according […]

Main Memory of Computer

The main memory of the computer holds the data on which the processor is currently working. Main memory is also referred to as the primary memory of RAM (Random Access Memory). Whenever you need to execute any program, the program and related data are copied to the main memory from which the process can access […]

Registers in Computer

Registers in computer are the fast storage devices present in the processor. However, it is a small storage device that can hold only one word of data. The one-word data is a standard data unit. In most the computer it is an 8-bit word i.e., a byte. A processor does not contain only one register […]