Spiral Model in Software Engineering

The spiral model is a software development model. This model iterates the phases of software development until a more complete version of the software is achieved. It is mainly known for its risk analysis and risk handling capabilities. Spiral Model in Software Engineering Define Spiral Model Different Phases of Spiral Model Risk Handling in Spiral […]

Software Myths

Software myths are the beliefs that people consider are true but are not, regarding software and its development process. The software myths have been carried over several years and are now identified by software engineering professionals. The managers and software practitioners are habitual to these myths. However, the old habits are difficult to modify. Different […]

Difference Between Waterfall Model and Incremental Model

The waterfall model and incremental model both are the prescriptive process models but they can be differentiated on many aspects such as flexibility of the delivered software, the risk involved, testing of software, maintenance, customer involvement, etc. Quick Comparison: Waterfall Model Vs Incremental Model Waterfall Model The waterfall model is a software development model that […]