Water Memory

Water is an essential and fascinating substance that makes up a significant part of our planet and our bodies. We know water as a transparent, tasteless liquid that quenches our thirst and supports life. But have you ever heard about the concept of “water memory”? This intriguing idea suggests that water can somehow “remember” substances […]

Indoor Jungle

What is an Indoor Jungle? An indoor jungle is a delightful and immersive garden of plants that thrives within the confines of your home. It’s a carefully curated collection of various houseplants, including tropical, succulents, and other botanical wonders. This lush greenery not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also contributes to […]

Bacterial Growth Curve: Definition, Phases and Significance

The growth of any organisms is defined by the increase in cell size and number. In case of bacteria, that are prokaryotic, single-celled microorganisms, and increase their populations by reproducing asexually by budding, multiple fission, binary fission or by spores formation. As we know that instead of growing in size, the bacterial cell grow in […]


One of the severe bacterial disease that mainly damage lungs is Tuberculosis or TB. It may also attack the other parts of the body such as spine, kidney and brain. The causative agent of the Tuberculosis (TB) is the Mycobacterium tuberculosis. There are two types of conditions in this case, as sometimes even the infected […]

Biofertilizers – Types, Benefits and Limitations

There is a continuous demand of agricultural products throughout the world, with the up surging human populations. Instead of using the synthetic fertilizers, growth promoters and other chemicals, the researchers are been constantly looking for an alternative to increase the crop yield and this is the reason that biofertilizers are much in demands as they […]

The Nitrogen Cycle

One of the most significant component present not only on our Earth but also in our body is the Nitrogen. Beginning from the body’s genetic constituents like nucleic acids and proteins to the other forms of nature it is considered to be essential ingredients. The 78 % of the volume is covered by the nitrogen […]

The Water Cycle: Process and Different Stages

The time you take a glass of water to take a sip, just wonder of the actual source of this water, it can be the same water that must be used by the first humans, wooly mammoths or the earlier rulers. It is surprising to know that water is going through the recycling process by […]

Autoclaving: Principles, Types and Uses

Any such laboratory, especially the medical field related one has the use of numerous glassware’s and other apparatus. These equipment’s (test tubes, petri dish, flasks, measuring cylinders, pipettes, tongs, dissection tools, etc.) may easily comes in contact with microbes that can be highly infected viruses or bacteria on the regular basis. Rinsing it with normal […]

Acid Reflux Disease

One of the small part of the body that is functional during the digestion process is the lower espohageal sphincter (LES). This LES is a ring of muscle present at the entrance of stomach as a valve. In the normal condition, the LES closes as soon as the food passes through it. But in case […]

Difference Between Photoperiodism and Vernalization

As the name says, Photoperiodism is the physiological response of a plant development with the respect to the relative lengths of day or night time or light and dark periods. The significance of photoperiodism is in the induction of flowering. On the other hand, Vernalization also prompts the flowering in the plants but by getting […]