Circulatory System

What is the Circulatory System? Our body has 11 organ system, that works in a synchronized way to keep the whole body in a harmony without the occurrence of any issue, these 11 organ systems are – integumentary system, respiratory system, digestive system, skeletal system, muscular system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, nervous system, […]

Sense Organs

What are Sense Organs? It is amazing to think that, how we are connected with the things around us, how we are able to observe the things going in our environment. The answer is nature, which has made it possible with the help of developing the five sense organs of our body. These five sense […]

Plant Hormones

What are Plant Hormones? Hormones are one of the essential elements for living beings which includes plants too. Hormones are the chemical messenger that is produced at a specific place, send to the target destination for their work. Likewise, in humans, hormones are naturally produced in plants also. These hormones regulate plant growth, their response […]


What is Arthritis? One of the common disorders affecting one or several joints (the part where the two bones are connected and move) of the body, provoking tenderness, swelling, and inflammation along with pain is known as Arthritis. This condition though commonly occurs in the older adults, but with the time it has been noticed […]


What is Thyroid? A small butterfly-shaped organ is present in the base of the neck swaddled around the windpipe (trachea). One of the crucial glands of the body, that regulates metabolism while releasing the hormones that are assigned to perform their specific task. Any kind of irregularity in this gland may result in the dysfunction […]

Organ Systems in Human Body

The human body has a Skeletal system, Respiratory system, Digestive system, Integumentary system, Lymphatic system, Muscular system, Nervous system, Cardiovascular system, Reproductive and Urinary system, Endocrine system, so in all it has eleven (11) organ systems. Our body’s significant functions are performed by the coordination of the various organs system mentioned above. The management is […]

Down Syndrome

Down syndrome or Down’s syndrome is the defect in the child who is born with an additional copy of their 21st chromosome, therefore it is also called ‘trisomy 21’. This syndrome has impacts on the development of the child which is physically as well as mentally. People with Down syndrome have a short life expectancy, […]

Diabetes and Its Types

Such a clinical condition which is marked by rising in blood glucose level (hyperglycemia). It is also known as ‘Diabetes Mellitus‘. In this condition, the hormone ‘Insulin’ responsible for regulating the blood sugar level, is either not sufficiently produced by the pancreas or when the body is unable to use it (insulin) effectively, it may […]

Immunoglobulins and Its Types

When we discuss our Immune system, the two terms then strike our minds are the ‘antigen’ and the ‘antibody’. Antigen as we all know is the foreign particle that invades our body’s mechanism and thus tries to weaken our immune system. On the contrary, Antibodies are present in one’s body and work as the defender […]

Tropisms: Movements in Plants

In physiology, such changes or actions that incites the living being or part of it to quickens its actions or any functional activity is known as stimulus. Likewise the animals or other organisms, plants also respond to the stimulus or any changes in the environment. The only difference is that animals move from one place […]