Vaginal Yeast Infection

An uncontrolled growth of the yeast in the vaginal area is the reason to cause the vaginal yeast infection. The treatment is common and depends on the severity of the infection and whether its the recurring one. Vaginal yeast infection is also known as vaginal candidiasis or vulvovaginal candidiasis. A heathy human body contains several […]


Overview Biosorption is one the physico-chemical activity that deals with the removal of pollutants from the wastewater involving microbial cell surface absorption of metals. The term ‘biosorption‘ is made up of two words ‘bio‘ and ‘sorption‘, the word ‘bio’ means life, however the keyword ‘sorption’ is needed to be elaborated. This word (sorption) is common […]

Vitamins and Minerals

To be sustainable, a well- balanced and nutritious diet plays the crucial role and benefits the body in one or the other way. A diet lacking in nutrients may be become the reason of few severe unwanted symptoms, therefore a healthy diet is achievable. Consuming sufficient amount of food, vegetables, fruits, beans, cereals, wholegrains, meats […]

Autoimmune Diseases

The role of our body’s immune system is to defend or fight against the foreign particles, diseases, and other infections. However, if the immune system start functioning against the body’s healthy cells, tissues, organs and organ systems this is called autoimmune diseases. There are more than 80 autoimmune disease known so far, the common one […]

Geothermal Energy

What is Geothermal Energy? Geothermal is a Greek word that is formed by the combination of two individual words that are Geo and Thermal. The term ‘geo’ corresponds to earth while ‘thermal’ is associated with heat. Thus, one can define geothermal energy as the heat which exists within the earth. Geothermal Energy is a renewable […]

Allergies: Causes, and Symptoms

Few people start sneezing when they sniff a flower or come in contact with dust particles, however these can be normal to others. Therefore, a reaction caused by the body’s immune system to such things that does not harm or occur normal to other people is termed as an ‘allergy‘. Our body take these particles […]

CT (Computed Tomography) Scan

The purpose of the Computed Tomography Scan also known as CT Scan is to diagnose the diseases and internal injuries of the body. It is the combined result of X-rays and a computer that provides a 3D image of the bones and soft tissues. It is beneficial as it is painless, and noninvasive, and easy […]


What is Cryptography? The word cryptography is the combination of the words crypto and graphy, where crypt means secretive or hidden while graphy means written stuff. So, one can define cryptography as the art of hiding data for securing the same. This promotes the prevention of accessing the information at the unauthorized level. One should […]

Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever also known as Enteric fever is an severe infection caused by the bacteria namely Salmonella typhi (S typhi). This fever is common in developing nations and a serious health threat especially to children’s. Causes Salmonella typhi or S typhi develops in contaminated water, food, and drink. If a person consumes such items that […]

Cold Blooded Vs Warm Blooded Animals

The most striking thing about the animals (including humans) is that they potential to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, on the ground of this animal kingdom has been broadly classified under two categories: Warm blooded and Cold blooded. This is also known as animals thermoregulation. On addition, the term ‘cold blooded’ should not be misunderstood, […]