Cellular Network

What is Cellular System? Cellular System sometimes also referred to as Cellular Wireless Network is a network which is composed of cells and offers radio telecommunication services to mobile devices. It is a high-capacity system that is designed to cover large geographical region and is known to be a revolutionary development in the field of […]

Metadata in Data Warehouse

Metadata in data warehouse is a kind of data that provides information about other data. The information that metadata provides helps us in understanding the structure, context, and nature of the data that it points to. Thus, it also helps in the easy search and retrieval of data. In short, metadata is a short explanation […]

Generations of Computers

Generations of computers notify us about the evolution of computer technology over years. The terminology ‘Generations of Computer’ not only defines the evolution of hardware technology but also the evolution of software technology along with it. As hardware and software together make up the entire computer system. Before getting into the generations of computers let […]


What is e-Learning? e-Learning is a short form of ‘Electronic Learning‘. As the name suggests, electronic learning implies the form of learning which is imparted, aided or supported by any electronic devices, media or resources. In the simplest sense, e-Learning is the learning which is facilitated by using advanced learning technology primarily demanding the services […]