Digital Watermarking

What is Digital Watermarking? Digital watermarking is a technique of embedding additional information within a digital content such as images, texts, software codes, audio or video signals, etc. The additional information could be anything like image logo, text message, raw watermark bits, etc. By watermarking a content, one gets the idea about the source or […]

Cellular Network

What is Cellular System? Cellular System sometimes also referred to as Cellular Wireless Network is a network which is composed of cells and offers radio telecommunication services to mobile devices. It is a high-capacity system that is designed to cover large geographical region and is known to be a revolutionary development in the field of […]


What is e-Learning? e-Learning is a short form of ‘Electronic Learning‘. As the name suggests, electronic learning implies the form of learning which is imparted, aided or supported by any electronic devices, media or resources. In the simplest sense, e-Learning is the learning which is facilitated by using advanced learning technology primarily demanding the services […]