Internet in Networking

The Internet in networking is nothing but a network of networks. Networks of different sizes, shapes and forms are connected together to form a big network that we refer to as the Internet. It is a structured and well-organized system that allows communication between connected devices.

Let us explore the Internet to know more about its works, and how it operates over several media. What types of Internet connections do we have and even how can you check the speed of your Internet connection?

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Basic of Internet in Networking

  1. How Internet Work?
  2. Types of Internet Connection
  3. Uses of Internet
  4. How to Check Internet Speed?

How Internet Work?

Although it is difficult to explain the working of the Internet, we try to get into some of its detail so you can have an overview of its working.

To work Internet uses a technique that we refer to as packet switching. The packet switching technique follows Internet Protocol (IP) and Transport Control Protocol, these are the standard networking protocols that all computers have to follow. Both of these protocols have to ensure that the transmission of data should be reliable and must be in a consistent manner.

The Internet is a computer network that has to transmit various kinds of data across interconnected devices. Now let us discuss how this packet switching technique works.

Whenever a user transmits data over the internet, it is transmitted in the form of packets. A large message is fragmented into some small segment and we refer to this segment as a packet.

Working of Internet

The packet carries two things, a chunk of data and information on that data such as:

  • What is the source of this data?
  • What is the destination of this data?
  • Which part of the large message does the packet carry?
  • And there are many more details like which path it is following etc.

Now to reach the destination the packets have to travel through various networking devices. The networking devices are routers, switches, hubs, bridges, gateways, modems, etc.

Each of these networking devices has a different task.

Networking Devices

  • Hub – Used to connect multiple networking devices together in a network.
  • Router – Connects multiple networks or subnetworks.
  • Switches – Responsible for forwarding data packets between the connected devices in the network.
  • Bridges – Connects multiple LANs in order to form large LANs.
  • Gateway – Allows communication between two networks following different protocol suites.
  • Modem – Modulates and demodulates the signals between devices and the network.

To reach the destination each data packet of the large message may follow a different path. As the networking devices process each of these packets independently without being concerned about the source or destination of the packet.

Thus, when the data packets arrive at the destination, they may be received in random order. So, the packets are first reassembled and then displayed to the user at the destination.

Types of Internet Connection

We classify the Internet on the basis of how it is connected to your device. The different types of internet connections are as follows:

Type of Internet Connections 1


The maximum population today in the world is using smartphones. Most telecommunication companies are offering voice plans along with Internet access. The companies are offering access to the internet at a cheaper rate and are working to improve the internet speed in order to form a stronger user base.


It is one of the methods to connect your device to the internet. We define a hotspot as a spot that offers access to the internet over a wireless connection. This connection connects your device to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). The WIFI Hotspot uses Wi-Fi technology, it allows your device to exchange data wirelessly using radio waves.

Dial UP

In this type of connection, the user is required to link up their device to the phone lines in order to access the internet. Although it is the most outdated type of connection, it is the most used internet connection.


This type of Internet connection provides a high-speed connection which is even faster than a dial-up connection. It operates over the cable or the telephone line. The speed of the Internet varies depending on the type of cable used i.e., coaxial cable, fibre optic etc.


Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), here the telephone cable with two copper wires is connected to one’s home for landline telephone service. This same cable is used to access the internet.


It is another form the broadband connection. This kind of internet connection operates over cable TV lines. Here the speed of uploading and the downloading stream can be different.

Satellite Connection

It is not possible to have a broadband connection in every area (Hilly areas). So, in certain area satellite Internet connection is an option. It is similar to a wireless connection.


Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), as it is an integrated service that allows users to transmit voice, video, images and other possible content over the digital telephone line or standard telephone line. It is based on the circuit-switched network.

Uses of Internet

In the modern day, almost all electronic devices are capable of connecting to the internet. The users use the Internet for various tasks such:

  • Ordering products online
  • Online booking of tickets
  • Performing cashless transactions such as Internet banking, UPI payments etc.
  • Online courses
  • Research
  • Sending mails
  • Searching for job or employees
  • Connecting socially
  • Entertainment
  • Online News

And the list doesn’t stop here there are even many more things for which we use the Internet.

How to Check Internet Speed?

To check your Internet speed, you can check from the setting window of your system. There are even some websites where you can perform the speed test such as:


Internet speed 3

There are even more websites where you can perform the speed test.

We have learnt almost everything about the Internet in networking. It has become a necessity for people today.

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