What is Summarizing? The technique of summarising involves presenting facts in a simplified form and demonstrating your understanding of the primary idea of the author. It serves as an example of how you may discuss the writer’s viewpoint without really using his or her words. It also gives you the opportunity to include a small […]

Bacterial Growth Curve: Definition, Phases and Significance

The growth of any organisms is defined by the increase in cell size and number. In case of bacteria, that are prokaryotic, single-celled microorganisms, and increase their populations by reproducing asexually by budding, multiple fission, binary fission or by spores formation. As we know that instead of growing in size, the bacterial cell grow in […]


What is Paraphrasing? A paraphrase is a rephrasing of an author’s text, explanation, argument, or story, often known as an indirect quotation. Using your own words to express what you have read or heard from research materials is paraphrasing. Despite the fact that you are restating the author’s thoughts in your own words, you still […]

Brand Equity

What is Brand Equity? The worth of a brand in the marketplace is known as brand equity. A high-equity brand, has a high worth in the market. American advertising professionals commonly began using the term “brand equity” in the early 1980s. A brand with a strong brand value or equity can elicit a favourable differentiated […]

Job Satisfaction

What is Job Satisfaction? The level of a person’s job satisfaction reflects how much they enjoy their work. For some people, work is enjoyable and an important aspect of life. Others simply go to work because they have no choice but to. In the fields of organisational behaviour and industrial-organizational psychology, this job attitude has […]

Uses of Python: A Guide for Beginners

The uses of Python language has rapidly increased in recent years. The reason is it’s used in popularly emerging fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Web development, Software Development, etc. In this particular content, we will take a closer look at the uses of Python. We will discuss how Python is being used in […]


One of the severe bacterial disease that mainly damage lungs is Tuberculosis or TB. It may also attack the other parts of the body such as spine, kidney and brain. The causative agent of the Tuberculosis (TB) is the Mycobacterium tuberculosis. There are two types of conditions in this case, as sometimes even the infected […]

Job Design

What is Job Design? Job design is the next step after job analysis and entails deliberate attempts to group tasks, responsibilities, and duties into a work unit that supports organisational goals. It has to do with setting up the job’s components so that everyone in the group can participate and complete the same task. In […]

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Marketing that makes use of electronic devices for communicating promotional messages to the target audience. In other words, marketing done digitally, is what we call digital marketing. For this purpose, it makes use of digital channels like websites, social media platforms, mobile devices, search engines and various other channels. Simply put, […]


What is Induction? Induction is the process of introducing new employees to the organisation and its members. In this, a new hire is formally welcomed into the company at induction. In other terms, it is a well-planned event to introduce a new hire to the people and working environment of a specific organisation. Every organisation […]