What is Electronics? Electronics is known to be the branch of engineering that deals with the study of nature exhibited by electrons under the action of the applied electric field. Electronics is the derivation of electron mechanics. More simply, we can say electronics is the combination of physics, engineering, technology, and applications dealing with the […]

Types of Printers

A printer is an output device that is attached to the computer. The printer takes the input in the form of text and graphics and transfers this information onto the paper. In this way, it transfers the digital information into a hard copy. There are different types of printers available in the market. Printers accept […]

Classification of Data

What is Classification of Data? Classification of data refers to the process of organizing the data in hand into identical groups, categories, sub-groups and sub-categories, as per their common properties or resemblance. It takes place after the editing of data. In simple words, when raw data is arranged into various classes it is termed classification. […]

Audit Notebook

What is an Audit Notebook? An audit notebook is a part of audit working papers that keeps a record of a wide range of matters that are observed during the course of the audit for which answers provided by the client are either not satisfactory or which must be included in the audit report. It […]


What is Motion? In physics, motion is defined as the variation in the position or orientation of any object or body with respect to time. Each and every motion is defined relative to a frame of reference. In general, motion is of three types translational, rotational, and oscillatory. When motion takes place along a line […]

Types of Roots

One of the crucial part of the the vascular plant, that normally grows underground and nourish, and support plants in various ways to grow. The roots are the non-leafy part of a plants, and does not have any nodes. Roots can also grow above the ground surface i.e. known as aerial or if they float […]

Input Devices

Input devices are the hardware parts of the computer that is used to provide input to the processing unit. Input can be either the data or the control signal that is required for the execution of the particular process. Evolution of Input Devices Input devices have evolved over years, earlier the input devices used to […]


Who is a Salesman? A salesman is the foundation of many commercial activities. He is a business representative whose main function is to communicate knowledge related to the products and services offered by the company, so as to persuade the prospects, to take action in a certain manner, which is beneficial to both the parties […]

Parts of a Plant

As other living beings, Plants are also extremely important to life on Earth. They grow almost everywhere like, in deserts, valleys, on mountains, in salty and fresh water. Plants have varieties of shapes and sizes from the smallest seedling to the towering like Giant Sequoias. They (plants) play crucial role in the life of other […]

Industry Analysis

What is Industry Analysis? Industry Analysis implies completely understanding the particular industry in which the firm operates or proposes to operate. The analysis of the industry is important because the factors associated with the industry influence its functioning to a great extent and thus have an impact on its survival and growth. It helps in […]