What is Overtime? Overtime refers to the time that an employee spends at work more than the regular working hours, for which the employer pays money over and above their salary. The additional money which the employer pays over the normal wage rate is the overtime premium. More precisely, overtime implies the extra hours worked […]

Segmentation in Operating System

Segmentation is one of the several memory management techniques adopted by operating systems to accomplish the concept of virtual memory. In our previous content, we have discussed other memory management techniques i.e., paging. Paging is close to the operating system’s view of memory. But the segmentation technique has the user’s view of memory. With segmentation, […]

Direct Selling

What is Direct Selling? Direct Selling is a business model wherein the producer of the goods sells them directly to the final consumer. In essence, there is no middlemen or intermediary. So, in this model, the intermediaries are eliminated from the supply chain, which is involved in the distribution of the product. However, the sale […]


Overview Biosorption is one the physico-chemical activity that deals with the removal of pollutants from the wastewater involving microbial cell surface absorption of metals. The term ‘biosorption‘ is made up of two words ‘bio‘ and ‘sorption‘, the word ‘bio’ means life, however the keyword ‘sorption’ is needed to be elaborated. This word (sorption) is common […]

Paging in Operating System

Paging in operating system is a memory management technique that allows the system to allot non-contiguous physical address space to a process. The concept the paging resolves the problem of external fragmentation that occurs due to the continuous allocation of physical address space to processes. Because of external fragmentation, though enough memory is available to […]

Digital Watermarking

What is Digital Watermarking? Digital watermarking is a technique of embedding additional information within a digital content such as images, texts, software codes, audio or video signals, etc. The additional information could be anything like image logo, text message, raw watermark bits, etc. By watermarking a content, one gets the idea about the source or […]

360 Degree Feedback

What is 360-degree Feedback? 360-degree Feedback or 360-degree appraisal system is a part of the performance management system. It refers to an assessment system wherein employees get ratings and feedback from numerous people they regularly interact with and work with. One must note that the feedback is not just confidential but anonymous too. ‘360’ in […]

Virtual Memory in Operating System

Virtual memory in operating system is a memory management technique that enables secondary memory to be a part of the main memory. It enables main memory to accommodate large processes even if it is not big enough to accommodate them at once. It improves the performance of the system and helps in implementing a multi-programming […]

Diversity Reception and its Types

Diversity and its Types Diversity Reception is generally known as a method or way of combining multiple copies of the same message signal that is received by the receiver from different channels. Basically, this is done to lessen or eliminate the effect of fading. In wireless communication technology, diversity reception improves the reception of radio […]

Vitamins and Minerals

To be sustainable, a well- balanced and nutritious diet plays the crucial role and benefits the body in one or the other way. A diet lacking in nutrients may be become the reason of few severe unwanted symptoms, therefore a healthy diet is achievable. Consuming sufficient amount of food, vegetables, fruits, beans, cereals, wholegrains, meats […]