What is Seminar?

A seminar is a form of lecture in which a topic is discussed and presented by one by or more speakers after a specialised study with numerous interested and learned listeners.

The word ‘seminar’ originated from the Latin term ‘seminarium’ which refers to seed plot. It is a formal academic forum which is attended by a group of participants who are taught about the subject. In this training and knowledge is provided to the participants by the speaker who is an expert in the concerned field. At the end of the seminar, the chairperson summarizes the key points of the discussion and the conclusion arrived at.


The main idea behind organizing a seminar is to familiarize the attendees with the methodology of their chosen business field.

It is held for people to hear the speaker’s speech on a specific subject. It is a place where readings are discussed, and questions are asked by the participants from the speaker. For this, the speakers and delegates are given an invitation to speak on the given subject and so they are intimated in advance.

This will help the speaker prepare the topic for delivering the presentation. The speakers can use PowerPoint presentations which adds value to the words spoken. Hence, it captivates the audience.

In a seminar, the chairperson is present to carry out the proceedings and give expert opinions or remarks. A discussion follows the presentation, wherein the participants not just exchange but combine their ideas. Each participant views the topic from their respective angle and clears doubts.

Table of Contents

  1. Example
  2. Purpose
  3. Planning a Seminar
  4. Wrap Up


Seminars for CA aspirants may revolve around teaching the changes in the taxation system.


  1. A seminar is organized for the purpose of education, like a lecture, where the participants take part in the discussion of an academic topic, with the objective of getting insights into the topic. The main objective of these seminars is to impart skills or knowledge to the participants.
  2. Motivational seminars organized by motivational gurus are held for the purpose of inspiring the attendees for becoming better people or working towards the implementation of skills.
  3. Seminars are also a platform for businessmen and women or people with the same mindset for networking and meeting other participants who have the same interest.
  4. It offers opportunities for the attendees to build contacts which can help in doing better in their careers.
  5. Trade seminars often bring a large audience together, like businessmen, government officials and so forth.

Planning a Seminar

  • Determine the purpose of the seminar.
  • Keep in mind the target audience who are going to attend it and what they are going to gain from attending it.
  • Decide a budget for the seminar and plan your expenditures within it.
  • Find out speakers to speak at the seminar, by analysing the subject matter and contacting them. These speakers should be professional speakers having the relevant knowledge and authority for conveying the message in an effective manner. However, subject matter experts with good public speaking skills are also an alternative.
  • Look for the right venue for the seminar. For this, you must consider services as well as the hall facility in the first place. Hall facility may include furniture, mike, amplifier, projector, screen, generator backup and so forth. Further, the availability of the necessary technical infrastructure is very important.
  • The post invites all those people who can possibly attend the seminar. Moreover, the organizers must actively promote the event to make it more and more popular. For this, they can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Prior to the event confirm the number of people attending the seminar, as this information is necessary for seating arrangements, parking facilities, car pickups, and catering arrangements.
  • The confirmation of the primary speaker is also a must for the planning of the seminar, as this will help in designing the brochures, posters and other promotional material for the seminar.
  • Hire volunteers to assist in the activities such as guiding, and helping the seminar attendees. Provide proper training and knowledge to the volunteers about the same.
  • Once the seminar is over analyse the outcome of the seminar, including the feedback of those who attended it.
  • Thank you notes can be sent to the attendees via email or Whatsapp.

Wrap Up

A seminar is an assemblage of people to discuss the stated topic. The aim of the seminar is to educate a particular group on a specific subject. Therefore, at the end of the seminar participants learn new things. The progress of the attendees can be tracked either individually or jointly as a group.

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